Welcome to Hooker Hole. It is a real place and Hooker Hole is it’s name. Check it out on Google Maps. In reality it is a bend in the Ouachita River in Northeast Louisiana. Known by the locals as an easy fishing hole and a summer time swimming spot due to its sandy banks and surprising depth. But it means so much more to the few that have come to recognize the thin line between friend and family.
A little background... My father acquired a hunting and fishing camp in the area back in 1971. I cut my teeth in these river bottoms hunting and fishing at a surprisingly young age. Time spent with my father. The most valuable thing, TIME.
I would later have the opportunity to be present for my fathers notorious annual Squirrel Hunt. I was allowed to witness the comradery shared by these men. The stories, the tall tales, the jokes, the meals and all their time together. During these hunts my father told me I have to find a core group of guys I get along with because I cannot do all this by myself. He was talking about how one day this would be mine. 
Now flash to the present... I have been so fortunate to have the many friends I have. Many since little league or around the fifth grade. Something like 45 years now. My father let them shoot his most prized firearms when we were kids and we’ve all had our experiences at the camp. Now we have all introduced our kids to the camp and the third generation is active in all we do there.
We have shared so many good times, bad times, sadness, loss, you name it. The line between friendship and family has effectively been erased. In time, as the popularity of Hooker Hole increases many of these stories, tall tales, characters and events will be shared. 
Hooker hole is all about life. The love of the outdoors and the activities associated with hunting and fishing with the naughty twist that is Hooker Hole! We hope you enjoy the humor of our apparel line and are as anxious to see what items become available next. So buy some apparel and jump on board. It’s gonna be a fun ride!
“Management request you remain seated throughout the entire performance”